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Date set for judge to question S Sudan pastors

The prosecution in the trial of South Sudanese pastors Yat Michael and Peter Yen closed its case on 25 June after presenting its final witness, an officer of the National Intelligence and Security Service, but no new evidence.
The two men will next appear in court on 2 July, when the judge will question them. Afterwards he will decide whether to drop the case against them or allow it to continue, in which case the two men will face the possibility of the death penalty or life imprisonment in the event of a guilty verdict.
Both men are still being detained at the high security Kober Prison, but are no longer chained or in solitary confinement. They are still allowed no visitors and can only meet with their families and legal team when attending hearings.
The online campaigning organisation for human rights, CitizenGo, emboldened by the success of people power in helping free Meriam Ibrahim when she was detained by the Sudan government, has so far collected more than 81,000 signatures to be sent the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Sudanese president.
Sources: MEC, CSW

Pakistan pressure on foreign nationals continues

It closed down Save the Children, one of the most recognized charities in the world, then asked thousands of other aid organisations to submit to strict new licensing procedures. Now Pakistan has cancelled the visas of three nuns prompting a lawsuit from the Catholic church, says the Washington Post.
The paper states that the case highlights the Pakistani government’s growing suspicion of foreigners after the nuns were ordered last week to leave, after working in the country for over decade. One was principal at Islamabad Convent School, which also employed the wife of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan until she left in  2011, after, it reports, a dispute with the principal. The order to leave came only a month after immigration authorities had approved two-year visa extensions.
Last week the government reversed its decision and said Save the Children could continue its operations in Pakistan after the move to close them down was condemned by the State Department and many local commentators, who noted that Save the Children employs about 2,000 Pakistanis.

Malaysian Islamic authorities withdraw charges

A bookstore manager will no longer be pursued in court by Malaysia's Federal religious authorities for stocking a book that later became a banned item.
Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz was arrested in June 2012 following the seizure of the book on 23 May 2012. But the book was only banned six days later.
She’s waited three years for this decision.
She had been acquitted by the High Court in March 2014 over the sale of Allah, Liberty and Love by Canadian writer Irshad Manji. But the Federal Territories Islamic Council appealed the decision. She’d have faced up to two years in jail (or a c. US $800 fine) if found guilty of selling the book, deemed 'contrary to Islamic law' - Manji advocates a "reformist" interpretation of Islam.
Aziz still has one more hurdle to pass in the civil courts (on 25 August) as the Federal Islamic authorities have appealed a separate Court of Appeal decision saying that their prosecution of the manager is ‘unreasonable, irrational’ and against the ‘principles of fairness and justice’.
In a case earlier this week Jill Ireland, a Malaysian Christian, was given back CDs that contained the word 'Allah' after they were seized by customs officials in 2008.
The Federal Islamic Council applied to have its say in her seven years’ long case too, but this application too was rejected

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